What is healthy life

What is your understanding of healthy lifestyle?

Before we can even begin talking about healthy living, we must first understand what healthy life means and the influence of our daily meals and lifestyles over our well-being.

Most often, the first thought that arises when we mention the word health is diet. In 101 Healthy Tips, you will be able to learn the variety of basic diet and many, many incredibly straightforward methods of sustaining high-quality health. It is straightforward, achievable and requires only a modest effort daily. However, it requires discipline in order to turn these methods and ways into habits and finally, into your preferred lifestyles.

In our sub-topic A Guide to Good Health, you will find articles providing you with a complete understanding of what forms healthy living and how our often unrestrained choice of diet destroys our originally healthy body and soul.

Definition of Health by World Health Organization

When it first met in 1948, the World Health Organization (“WHO”) adopted the following definition of health: “a condition of complete physical, mental and social welfare and is not merely the non-existence of ailment or illness”.

Almost four decades later and in 1986, WHO modified the definition to: –

  • A means for everyday life but not the sole purpose of living
  • A positive concept focused on individual and social means together with physical abilities.

Due to modernization, keeping healthy and fit has become much more difficult. Why?

While the top priority in city living is focused on societal comfort and healthy living, much importance is also needed in both mental and spiritual health aspects. This has turned into a big challenge to everyone, especially the government.

Looking at hindsight, more than twenty centuries ago, men lived without restraint and freely as cavemen. When the convenience of modernization and industrialization took control of civilization, living environment in the urban steadily became “overcrowded” and restrictive. Thus, men were forced to cope with major changes in living conditions.

Suddenly disease and pollution control, hygiene, personal space, diet, relationship and work stresses, rest habits and many other factors became overpowering challenges. The result: It became tremendously difficult for our biological system to adapt to its outside surroundings, both mentally and physiologically.

Physical health is interpreted to mean wellness in terms of internal and external bodily aspect. Optimal physical condition is achieved through regular exercise and sufficient rest for muscular recuperation, balanced diet and proper nutrition.

Meanwhile, mental health constitutes a state of well-being whereby the individual knowingly is aware of his own abilities and able to work efficiently and effectively, manage daily stresses in life and contribute to the society.

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