Wellness and healthy life requirements

What defines Wellness and Healthy Life?

In simple terms, a person who is healthy is a person who is able to access suitable healthcare, live a balanced lifestyle, while enjoying clean and pollution-free environment and not to mention, untempered human biological DNA profile.


Regulated treatment by qualified medical practitioners to address symptoms appearing on patients; it remains the main reason in dealing with sicknesses.


Daily habit of regular exercise with adequate fresh air and rest and most importantly, intake of fresh green foods; it remains the main benchmarks for a healthy life.

Unpolluted Environment:

Clean air, clean live water, food which is free of chemicals and pesticides; and fully nourished colloidal vegetable and fruits are key to a healthy life.

Untempered human biological DNA:

Until recently, heredity illness remains the major cause of most illness. When a person is diagnosed for certain illness, there is a high probability that the parents or grandparents had the illness as well.

Is there a secret in staying healthy in a simple and natural way? Stress and overly complicated lifestyles are the main causes of sickness. Hence, in order to have a healthy life, we need to “simplify” our daily routines, our relationships, and our meals.

We need not depend heavily on nutritional supplements or medication to maintain a healthy life. Neither do we need to depend on high-tech or sophisticated tools and equipment.

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