Recommendations for complete nutrition intake

Proper nutrition is essential for much number of reasons, the more common ones include helping you maintain clear healthy skin, grow healthy hair and reduces the risks of many diseases. Below are a few of the top nutrition tips which you should adopt to keep yourself and your family healthy, happy and balanced.

Choice of foods when dining out

If you have to eat out and meat is unavoidable, you should choose those that are neither breaded nor fried. Foods prepared in these manners are loaded with grease and fats. Choose a healthier alternative, such as grilled, broiled or baked. Almost all types of meat can be prepared in such healthier ways and you will be surprised that it will taste much better too.


Read the labels on the packing

Never assume about the ingredients in the food you intend to eat. Taking the effort to read the labels and be aware of what you eat can have a significant effect on the health of your body. It is always prudent and sensible to know and understand what food is and isn’t detrimental to the health of your body.

Enjoy your food and chew adequately

Don’t gobble down you food. Savor your food and chew them sufficiently to assist the digestion of the food when it enters your body. Eating slowly will allow your body to let you know that you are full. You should eat till your stomach is three-quarter full. Eating too quickly will cause you to miss the signal that you are full, resulting in over-stuffing yourself.

List down the food you eat over a week

Listing down all the food you eat on a weekly basis will allow you to realize what you have been feeding your body. Majority of people are either too busy or too lazy do that and hence are ignorant about the foods that they eat over time. If you are able to do that for a month or so, you will definitely be surprised (or horrified) about what you have been feeding yourself regularly. On the positive note, you will also get to learn much more about your diet, and take the necessary action to balance your diet with more nutritious foods.

Make eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables a key component of your diet

Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors in order to be healthy. Diverse colored groups of greens contain different micro-nutrients and they keep your body healthy. For instance, daily consumption of apples is great, but adding in some carrots, broccolis, or berries will make you feel awesome.

Don’t miss out on your daily supply of calcium

Calcium is crucial for bone and tooth health and other physical body requirements. It is especially so for aging women and growing kids. Besides dairy products such as milk, you can obtain your supply of calcium from leafy green vegetables, baked beans, oatmeal, sesame seeds and almonds. With such varieties, there should be no more reasons for your daily meals to be calcium deficient.

Combining rice and beans will, surprisingly, create an almost perfect source of protein. Pay particular attention to this combination if you are a vegetarian. Both are cheap and easy to prepare as well.

Increasing the quantity of spices and organic seasoning when cooking lower-fat or lower-calorie diet meals will make you feel more contented with lesser food. One good tip is to vary the tastes in your meals as it will counter the perceived bland taste of eating low-fat foods.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements should be used only when there is deficiency from your daily meals. Most of the time, the additional supplements you take are in excess of your body’s needs and are just flushed out from body. However, there are certain excess supplements which may remain in your body and turn toxic. It is thus strongly advised that you should exercise wisdom when taking nutritional supplements. Both vitamins and minerals complement closely each other’s work, and over-dosage of a particular vitamin can create imbalances in the other vitamins and minerals.

Even with the easily available over-the-counter nutritional supplements, it is always best to get your vitamins and minerals from your food. Consuming more of raw and green goods while reducing your intake of processed foods is one sure way of getting an excellent source of your much needed body boosters. Invest some time and make the necessary changes to ensure you and your loved ones have your daily nutritional meals. You will be greatly impressed with the results.

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