New healthy way of cooking

Since even the heat stable butter and tropical oils can be damaged when heated to extremes of temperatures, there is a need for change in our philosophy and practice of cooking. Thus, deep frying is never a good way of cooking.

Unhealthy traditional cooking methods

Traditionally people, especially the Chinese, heat the oil first to high temperatures, and then add in the ingredients in stages. The temperatures achieved in a hot wok can be very high. However, instead of oil, if we were to start with water, then the temperature cannot go beyond 100 degrees Centigrade, the boiling point of water, provided there is water left to boil.

Hence if meat or vegetables are added before the water dries up, then the temperature would be more moderate than if cooking oils were used initially. At the end of this, when the heating has been stopped, some oils can be added if desired. In this case, coconut oil or even olive oil can be added with assurance that they will not be damaged by high heat.

The alternative healthy cooking method

Cooking is a natural part of the daily activity in most cultures. Many people, especially strict vegetarians, advocate salad and uncooked foods. While some food items are easily handled by our digestive system even in the raw state, many others need to be cooked before our body can digest the ingredients. Furthermore, cooking destroys bacteria and other harmful elements in our foods. Thus, intelligent cooking is vital to produce the best tasting and healthiest food for the nourishment of our body.

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