Keep your body fit at home: need not to go to gymnasium – Health Tips

Most of the people are now very busy; they have no time to take care of their body. Once a time, suddenly they feel very heavy than previous and they prove their weight which has increased two times. But they have no enough time to go to gymnasium due to the business throughout the entire day. On the other hand, it is mandatory to reduce their weight if they want to fit their body. Besides, exercise is more essential for the body and mind. Exercise keeps well not only our body but also increases the blood circulation in the body and exposes out the detrimental substances from our body through the sweat. So you can perform your necessary exercises at home regularly. For these reasons, learn some methods of exercise which are given in below:

  1. When you stay at your home, you must be busy with any works throughout the day. This may tire your body. For example, you may erase house and its floor, frequently up and down with stair, and play a game of rope – jump etc. which expose out the sweat from your body and your muscle will be animated and fresh.
  2. If jogging is not possible to go outside you can walk some time on the roof of your house. Besides, you can jog at home in standing a definite place. These ways cost a lot of calorie.
  3. To reduce the fat of your belly you may take this exercise: at first, you lie on the floor straightly and keep your hands under the head with gripping then, rise and lie keeping your legs with straight on floor. Practices it from 15 to 20 times. This exercise is very helpful to reduce the fat of your belly.
  4. To reduce the fat of your back and waist, stand up very straightly with keeping your hands on shoulder then, bend your body rightward and leftward only 10 times respectively.
  5. Complete some free hand exercises which are more essential for body and mind. There are many free hand exercises given in the internet with video. Several videos can download and exercise it at home.

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