There are various chemicals used in parlor to straight hair which is very detrimental to hair. For this reason, you can make a “hair straightening mask” at home with the use of natural elements that yields good result and the process of making “hair straightening mask” is written as follows:

Necessary instruments

One cup milk of coconut

5 to 6 table spoon lemon juice

2 table spoon olive oil and

3 table spoon cornstarch

Modus operandi

At first, mixes milk of coconut, olive oil, and lemon juice with each other, then mixes the cornstarch slightly with that mixture properly. The mixture has to make in such a way that any small particles of each elements don’t separate from each other. Now, the mixture has to warm with light heat and at this time, put the mixture in motion continuously. The mixture will become as like a very concentrate cream after some time. Preserve this mixture in a pot when it is cold.

Now, use this mixture in your hair before going to bath and wait upto that time when it is dry. Then, wash your hair with the help of shampoo and conditioner. So your hair will be straight if you follow the above formula twice in a week upto 2 months. Besides, your hair will be shining and also easy to control by using this formula.

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